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Plastic Replacement Solution – Small Load Carriers

A family of fibre board carriers has been developed as an alternative to using plastic injection moulded trays, commonly found in the Industrial Storage and Shipment market.

The Range of plastic based Small Load Carriers is well established as Storage and Multi Way Packaging Solution used all over the globe by Industrial Companies. There are also multiple alternative fibre based solutions available on the market but not compatible on size and design with the original plastics solution. This is what makes our system different as it is 100 % compatible with the existing boxes and a real alternative to fit the existing supply chain


As a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions to the Industrial market, we believe using high quality corrugated material coupled with exceptional design means that products are not only protected in the supply chain, but also due to their adaptability with all available non paper based solutions on the SLC Market improve the flexibility on market and demand changes and cost control.





The benefits:

  • Preglued manual folding
  • Compatible with existing established plastic solutions and 1:1 dimension match
  • 100% recycled material options available (white or brown)
  • Custom sizes available – to suit your requirements
  • Covered Handholes Inside the box ensuring fully closed Inner Surface – ideally for bulk goods
  • Individual printing and communication availability
  • Strong performance thanks to multiple flute layers in order to meet weight requirements at any stage
  • Optimum One Way alternative for non returnable plastic tray shipments without additional packing brief needs thanks to identical inner dimensions and design
  • Improved Inbound logistics due to flat delivery conditions