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Business Case: Radio Packaging

DS Smith customer approached our design experts to develop a packaging solution for their 34 kg radio. The packaging needed to be compliant with both ASTM and NEBS testing requirements.

The requirements from the customer were to create a packaging that could make the product easy to access. All that without lifting it out of the box. Additionally, customization by the customer at their logistics centers should be made possible before shipping the product to the end customer.

And last by not least, the packaging should be optimized according to EUR pallet size.

DS Smith proposed to create a top and bottom EPE fitment design, surrounded by a corrugated sleeve and corrugated bottom tray and top lid. 


Benefits & Feautures

  • This design makes it easy for the customer to easely remove the sleeve and the top fitment to get access to the product when custimiziations is needed.
  • Otimized for warehouse space and sea container shipment:
    • Packaging dimension: 600x400x436 mm
    • 4 packaging / within 1200x800mm space
    • 24 packaging’s / below 2,7 m