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Focus: Sustainability

All over the world, sustainability is becoming more and more important. For most companies producing and selling electronics, this presents a number of challenges when it comes to packaging. At DS Smith, we make it our mission to support your sustainability ambitions and offer you the packaging solutions you need to realize them.

Central role of sustainability

Greening the supply chain through a circular economy and low carbon footprint is one of the top priorities on electronics companies’ strategic roadmap, but not the only one. The central role of sustainability comprises focus on social and economic dimensions to deliver long-term prosperity.

Sustainable electronics organizations are able to engage customers, enhance operations and deliver value. Market leaders are steering sustainability focusing both on ethical and financial driven business practices to match social responsibility and grant value to shareholders.

DS Smith as a sustainable packaging partner

DS Smith, one of Europe’s leading packaging manufacturers and also one of Europe’s biggest recyclers, is right at the heart of the circular economy movement.

It is through this closed-loop system that we are able to embed sustainability into our products and services and deliver packaging solutions and recycling services that meet the evolving requirements of supply chains, customers and consumers.

Within the packaging industry, we are leading the way in sustainability. This makes us trusted and strategic partner for electronics businesses. We provide innovative, sustainable packaging solutions in order to reduce your industry impact and to achieve your sustainability goals.

Total packaging design

Our strong commitment to sustainability in all its aspects combined with expertise in design and materials support your sustainability targets. Specific challenges of the electronics industry concerning sustainability are addressed by our designers and specialists through reusable or recyclable multi-material packaging solutions.

Design is a key principle of the circular economy. With our network of over 700 designers and our focus on innovation, we are well placed to make a real impact by putting sustainability at the heart of our business model.

That’s why we recently launch our Circular Design Principles. 

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PACE® Programme and accurate total packaging design bring in your supply chain reliable packaging, with no more material than necessary. Therefore, your total packaging optimization by DS Smith’s experts will reflect on supply chain savings and CO2e reduction.

Assessment of our performance

It is important to maintain a balance between reviewing our own performance, being assessed through external benchmarks and sharing our leadership expertise. We continue to submit to a wide range of highly reputable third-party platforms including CoC certifications, CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), EcoVadis, FTSE4Good, Sedex, MSCI and Sustainalytics. These allow us to sense-check our performance in comparison to other companies in the industry.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Finally, our global partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation will support innovation to include projects on packaging design for a circular economy and improve collection systems in urban areas.

DS Smith partnership in a nutshell

DS Smith offers you more sustainable packaging solutions, which make the difference for your reputation and achievements. We support your sustainability strategy based on specific electronics market knowledge and experience. This then results in the improvement of customer engagement and retention as well as your supply chain.

Want to find out more about our sustainable approach? Check out our ‘Sustainability annual report ’ or get in touch with our packaging experts.