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With new innovations and blurring lines between digital and physical come new challenges. Electronics manufacturers need to transform their supply chains while progressing towards even more sustainable targets while preparing for omnichannel operations

E-commerce in the electronics industry

Innovation is at the heart of the electronics industry which is rethinking its value chain and product management at every touchpoint in order to streamline the whole process and maximize the customer experience.

As the lines between digital and physical world blur, the same applies for commerce: customer journeys now merge online and in-store. Omnichannel and multichannel solutions are rising among electronics assembly manufacturers which invest in fully integrated end-to-end solutions. According to selling strategy and business model, supply cycle complexity is growing.

Consumer electronics e-commerce is mobile-driven, social media is getting more transactional and the market is thriving on trust, influence and personalization. Not only consumer electronics, but also industrial electronics are taking the advantage of e-commerce, which offers visibility on the market and enables supply chain optimization and counterfeit prevention.

How DS Smith helps optimize your packaging

Transforming supply chains

At DS Smith, we help businesses transform their supply chains, progressing towards even more sustainable targets while preparing for omnichannel operations. Moreover, we improve your cross-border deliveries and supply chain across channels with packaging that protects your product, ensuring product quality and integrity.

We also deliver ‘circular packaging solutions’. These are packaging solutions designed for the circular economy: designed with the supply cycle in mind and developed for recyclability or reusability.

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On top of that, we support your sustainability targets by offering packaging with no more material than necessary, right-sized tackling the challenge of void space and plastic replacement, designed-to-cost for optimization of palletization and transportation costs.

Electronics packaging design for e-commerce

DS Smith’s PackRight® and circular design offer you the best bespoke solution, which lowers your total costs, usage of resources and carbon footprint. Packaging connectivity and serialization improves transparency and visibility along the supply chain, improving your operations and your customer’s satisfaction.

Our primary and secondary packaging for the e-commerce fulfils your supply chain requirements and protects your products. Furtherly, at DS Smith, our experts design packaging to improve your Customer and brand experience. Thanks to full range of printing technologies, comprising digital printing, we offer you attractive packaging with features that simplify handling and returns, enhance the unboxing experience and reduce packaging waste (frustration free packaging). As a result, our total packaging solutions enhance your brand consistency and customer loyalty delivering products and experience which meet your image and reputation.

More than 500 packaging strategist and designers across Europe in DS Smith develop tailor made packaging solutions for your bespoke needs and supply chain.

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