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Market Challenges

The electronics industry is changing at a fast pace. It is important to stay up to date about occuring trends and new technologies. Moreover, it is crucial to be aware of the challenges they form for your business and how you can adapt

Expansion of the electronics industry


Society is changing fast and so is the electronics industry. Technology convergence and digital transformation are facets of the same trend: the ‘Internet of Things’, where connectivity is blurring the lines between the digital and the physical world.

Connected IoT devices such as connected cars, machines, sensors, consumer electronics and wearables are changing our behaviour and way of living.

The electronics assembly market is expanding and changing in terms of outsourcing partnerships and in-house manufacturing, even faster than during the past decade. Even manufacturing locations’ financial assessments are performed within shorter timeframes based on the total cost of the value chain from production to logistic.


The market worth has been segmented into seven sectors, each featured by different strategies and trends: