Our Leadership

As a Company, we comply with the principles of good corporate governance and have policies in place to support this commitment.

The governance process is simply the set of rules and procedures through which DS Smith is guided and controlled. It applies throughout the organisation. Every local business must have in place rules and procedures that deliver full compliance with: 

  • Local laws
  • International regulations
  • Group-wide and divisional policies
  • Management direction

Doing so ensures that decisions are taken at the right time and at the correct level of the business after the consideration of all relevant factors - ranging from commercial value to reputational risk. 

The Board

The Board, which meets formally seven times each year, is comprised of Executive and non-Executive Directors. They are collectively responsible for overseeing and directing DS Smith's operations, while monitoring the performance of management on behalf of the shareholders. The Board has delegated to the Group Chief Executive the development of the Group’s strategy and day-to-day operational management of the business.