What is sustainable forest management?

DS Smith has met its commitment to source 100% of its fibres responsibly in order to combat deforestation, using only recycled or chain of custody certified papers.

Although our sustainable packaging solutions are made from around 88% recycled material, fresh papers must be sourced to maintain the strength and quality of our corrugated board. With achieving this target, we have confidence that all paper we buy is either recycled or comes from a sustainably managed forest.

What is sustainable forest management?

Sustainable forest management involves balancing ecological, economic and socio-cultural factors relating to forests. This involves protecting biodiversity and the natural ecosystem provided by forests, reducing rural poverty and mitigating some of the effects of climate change. Organisations providing Chain of Custody pioneer certification of sustainable forest management, following their vision of shifting the global forest trend toward sustainable use, conservation, restoration and respect for all.

Why is sustainable forest management important?

Although trees are a renewable natural resource, the pace at which trees are felled suggests that some forests could vanish all together without sustainable forest management. When managed sustainably, strict controls are put in place to combat deforestation and better promote flourishing forest ecosystems to ensure that natural resources are protected.

How does a chain of custody help?

A chain of custody system allows paper to be tracked, connecting responsible production and consumption, all the way from the forest to the consumer. We can use the chain of custody database to check that the origin of material is registered as having been managed in a way that meets sustainable forest standards. This offers confidence that the forest from which new, fresh paper comes from is socially and environmentally responsible and consistent with our own ethical values.