DS Smith supports Business for Nature Call for Action

Sustainable packager calls for ambitious and collective action on biodiversity

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London, UK; September 23, 2020: DS Smith, the sustainable packaging company, has today joined other leading businesses in signing up for Business for Nature’s Call for Action to reverse the loss of biodiversity, urging government to enact effective change for the environment.

Businesses, societies and economies all rely on nature and its resources, however, over half of the world’s total GDP ($44 trillion) is moderately or highly exposed to risks from biodiversity loss. For industries like corrugated packaging, which uses wood and water, this represents an insurmountable loss of income, livelihoods and essential materials.

DS Smith has always had a strong focus on sustainability, putting it at the heart of everything it does and making biodiversity a particular priority. It is a Strategic Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a circular economy non-profit with which it works closely to embed circularity and sustainability across its operations, supporting biodiversity efforts. It also works at industry level with leading chain of custody certification schemes to protect biodiversity.

While these efforts will make a difference to the communities within which the company operates, the sustainable packager is also now joining other businesses in asking the government to introduce better standards for biodiversity for a broader, more significant impact.

Wouter van Tol, Head of Sustainability at DS Smith said: “The right packaging ensures key goods reach the right people in an efficient way, while also reducing emissions, protecting forestry and preventing problem plastics. We have a crucial role to play in supporting biodiversity, however we must acknowledge that there is only so much businesses can do without government action. Biodiversity is crucial to the continued survival of societies and economies, which is why we are joining Business for Nature in calling to reverse nature loss.”

DS Smith’s recently released sustainability report, announced it had reached three of its sustainability milestones regarding CO2 reduction, sustainable paper sourcing and community activity, all of which contribute to supporting biodiversity alongside more specific projects like small nature gardens and more complex environmental remediation schemes. With the support of Business for Nature’s biodiversity roadmap and its commitment to sustainability, the packaging company joins many others to show that nature is everybody’s business.