Serving our customers in a changing world

Stefano Rossi, CEO of the Packaging division at DS Smith, talked about our new Purpose and what it means to him.

Today, our customers operate in a very challenging world. Packaging is becoming a key differentiator for big brands, but consumer habits are changing the nature of packaging, both shelf-ready and e-commerce are equally important.

That's why what DS Smith does matters. We must speak in the language of the value we create for our customers, showing that we understand their needs and are thinking about solutions.

Ultimately, the opportunities in packaging are about satisfying future consumer needs. We must invent solutions for problems that do not exist today. The Purpose of DS Smith, Redefining Packaging for a Changing World is in our DNA, it represents an exact moment in time, which is now.

How we at DS Smith create the products of the future is very much about learning to listen. That's not only listening with your ears but using your eyes and witnessing the world that is changing around you.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing more articles and blogs showing how we at DS Smith are redefining packaging for a changing world.