DS Smith releases its Sustainability Review 2014

DS Smith has today released its inaugural Sustainability Review. Entitled ‘The Balance of Sustainability’, the review demonstrates DS Smith’s commitment to a number of significant sustainability measures, such as enhancing material efficiency, reducing waste to zero, minimising CO2 emissions and using water responsibly.

The review underlines the considerable progress DS Smith has already made towards achieving its corporate sustainability goals. In 2010, DS Smith announced a ten-year programme designed to deliver a 20% reduction in the following areas:

  • CO2 emissions from fossil fuels
  • Water usage in paper mills
  • Waste sent to landfills

Showcasing projects and initiatives achieved during the past year, the review quantifies progress towards meeting these goals. For example, DS Smith has reduced CO2 emissions from fossil fuels by 5.2% relative to production through a combination of increased energy efficiency and switching from oil to gas. And by retrieving a greater proportion of production rejects as materials and energy recovery, DS Smith has reduced waste sent to landfill by 17.2%.

DS Smith has reaffirmed its promise to delight its customers, lead the way in recycling, realise the potential of its people and thereby deliver consistent shareholder value