Automotive Seating

DS Smith’s automotive Packaging Strategists have a solution to safely and cost-effectively all of your seating requirements.

From a container solution for the transport of rear seating frames to driver and passenger seats our lightweight, returnable and custom-made solutions will slot seamlessly into your supply chain. 

For rear seating frames we offer a plastic returnable twin sheet thermoforming container with metal frame inserts. This lightweight solution is also available with a return collar and front removal panel with two types of internal inlays to secure the seat during transport.

It’s a customised, made to measure solution with cost effective return ratio and good weight to strength ratio for optimised internal utilisation.
The container is lightweight but durable, 100% recyclable.

For driver and passenger seating foams our K-Pak, Polypropylene Akylux® and thermoformed tray with foam, and Akylux®/ Correx® solutions are an ideal protective and ergonomic packaging available in 1500cmx1200cmx1000cm and 1200cmx1000cmx1000cm sizes as well as made to measure.

Benefits this product/ service delivers:

  • Strong and durable packaging
  • Returnable and reusable over the long term
  • Made to measure solution
  • Part pack density optimization
  • Ergonomic for the end user
  • Maximum protection of pieces
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to clean