Aftermarket automotive packaging solutions

Our packaging solutions for the automotive Aftermarket consist principally of bespoke corrugated cardboard that can be developed quickly, at low cost, with minimal tooling and be optimised for the best pallet, vehicle and container utilisation.

Aftermarket corrugated packaging can help protect and enhance your brand with high-quality printing on one-way packaging.

Counterfeit remains a serious concern in the automotive aftermarket sector and DS Smith is well-positioned to offer the latest technology to tackle the issue. Whether it is including a QR code, adapting to the Internet of Things, or incorporating NFC along with the latest in digital printing there are a number of options to foil  counterfeiters.


DS Smith can also enhance OEM’s brand control as an exclusive preprinted paper supplier for their branded aftermarket packaging and supply small, expendable branded packaging at repacking centres.

By working closely with the global dealer network and tier suppliers, we ensure effective warehouse storage and movement of parts through the RDC’s (Regional Distribution Centres) and support the Aftermarket operations with unique designs for spare parts and accessories to help achieve VOR objectives.