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DS Smith at a glance

DS Smith is a global leader in the design and manufacture of sustainable packaging made from corrugated cardboard. We operate across 37 countries and employ approxmately 31,000 people.

Key facts & figures

  • Our business started in 1940 by the Smith brothers in London
  • Today we employ around 31,000 people in 37 countries worldwide
  • For the fiscal year 2018/19 we had a revenue of £6,171m

DS Smith work in partnership with customers across the globe to continually develop innovations, ensuring their products achieve more for less. Our vision is to be the leading supplier of sustainable packaging.

Packaging Strategists

DS Smith’s Packaging Strategists focus on helping you to transform the complexities of the automotive industry into competitive advantages with the right packaging solution that is optimised for every step in the supply chain. By working in partnership with our customers across the globe we continually develop exciting innovations and ensure your products achieve more with less.

Automotive market

DS Smith supply the majority of major automotive brands and component suppliers across Europe using our deep market and supply chain knowledge, our complete alignment with industry best practices and standards and our global coordination and local reach.

We develop innovative packaging solutions ideally suited to production line supplies, spare parts distribution, EU outbound and EU inbound shipments.

Thanks to our global network, we are flexible and reactive, providing multi-material packaging solutions.

In this extremely competitive industry, it is vital to have the right component at the right place exactly when required, supporting the industry’s tight production schedule. Our automotive consultants, part of our Packaging Services Management offer,  can help you at each stage of your supply cycle  – with just a single point of contact.

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