Supply Cycle Management

Supply Cycle Management

A strategic partnership that will empower you to achieve more, using less.

DS Smith's joined-up approach enables us to find the most efficient Supply Cycle for our customers, ensuring their products achieve more from less. We call this The Power of Less.

Our expertise across the full Supply Cycle means we can deliver solutions that look at the complete recycling and waste management picture, not just one part. This broader capability helps remove any unnecessary complexity and simplifies supply chains from the customer perspective. Our customers see a single point of contact capable of closing the loop on recycling, cutting costs and keeping them firmly in control of compliance and brand reputation issues.

Staying true to the waste hierarchy principles we put an emphasis on minimising waste materials and innovatively turning 100% of resources into goods once more.

This truly sustainable approach to recycling sets us apart and puts our customers in an enviable position of achieving more; using less.