Organic and Food

Organics & Food

We know that the food waste produced at your organisation deserves better than a landfill.

Organic Waste Management

Our aim is to turn 100% of your resources into something useful once again. Our innovative processes have been designed to ensure compliance with the latest industry regulations and legislation.

We have a network of solutions around the country, including anaerobic digestion plants, which generate energy and heat from food waste for thousands of our customer sites.

Effective waste stream segregation can be a challenge to set up at your business, so wherever possible we will provide different bins and solutions for different materials while keeping your business’s space and activities in mind.

Using DS Smith for Food Waste Recycling

DS Smith offer a tailored service that’s designed to meet your business’s specific requirements – taking into account your waste volumes, space and activities. In order to fully understand how much of an impact organic food management can have, we provide you with a materials recycling audit that shows the value of the resources you currently throw away.

Unlike some other companies, we segregate your waste materials to give you the best value and prevent any contamination. Using us to manage your waste ensures your company’s environmental compliance, giving you the audit trail needed to track it.

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