Brand Reputation

Careful planning and auditing is crucial for protecting your brand reputation. Can you count on absolute transparency from your recycling services provider?

We know the customers we work with can't afford to be seen doing the wrong thing – so transparency is key to everything we do.

Today's customers, investors and shareholders are all demanding to see how companies have adopted a more sustainable approach. Establishing auditable recycling and recovery routes should therefore be a high priority when it comes to environmental policy.

We support you in enhancing your brand reputation by providing the following evidence:

  • Materials collected
  • Percentage recycled and recovered
  • The final destination of all materials

Knowing where each and every material ends up puts you ahead of most other organisations. But being accountable doesn't stop there. Applying the principles of the waste hierarchy goes much further.

It's about finding new ways of dealing with these materials, so that as many resources as possible can be made reusable once more. Retaining brand reputation means making a commitment to zero waste and having a watertight audit trail that makes clear that commitment.

DS Smith's perpetual devotion to closing the loop on recycling can help you realise your waste management goals and take a more assured stand on sustainability under stakeholder scrutiny.