DS Smith Plastics Invests in Equipment at its Hurbanovo, Slovakia Site to Expand its Product Offer

New investment in foam cutting machinery allows DS Smith Plastics in Hurbanovo to expand on their multi-material packaging product offer.

The investment is in response to a growing regional demand of multi-material returnable packaging using foam components. Although DS Smith Plastics has multi-material packaging offering in more than one European location, this investment in a waterjet cutting machine will expand the Hurbanovo, Slovakia site’s capabilities to extruded polypropylene plastic, dunnage and expanded foam plastics. The new value proposition will increase efficiencies in the ordering process, including the design and development of new products. Furthermore, increasing in-house capabilities will reduce transportation costs and manufacturing lead-times.

In recent years, DS Smith Plastics added dunnage operations to this same location in Hurbanovo, Slovakia which has proven to be a successful strategy to provide shorter lead-times and better service to customers. In addition to easing the internal ordering system and providing faster and efficient service to customers, the strategy has helped the business to grow and expand their regional presence in various industries.