Akyver® Polycarbonate Solution Used to Create a Ceiling in a Sports Hall

DS Smith Plastics’ Akyver® polycarbonate sheets and systems are commonly used for cladding or roofing applications, but for a new project, the AKYVER® PANEL clip-on systems were used in Redessan’s sport hall in the south of France to create a ceiling.

DS Smith has the experience and expertise that reassured the building contractor to use Akyver panels as a ceiling material. The client inquired about the security and safety of using Akyver as a ceiling, but the panels offer no risk of falling. DS Smith Plastics referenced other projects where they have successfully utilized Akyver polycarbonate sheets as ceilings in both 2015 and 2017.

Despite some fears from the customer regarding security aspects of this application we have assured them that the application is technically feasible without any risk. By referencing the projects we have done in the past and showing them that they were successful, it made them far more confident in our products. — Jan Adriaensen, Sales Area Manager for DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products in Kaysersberg

Akyver polycarbonate panel systems are an energy efficient option with exceptional thermal insulation properties while remaining translucent which allows for natural light. DS Smith Plastics’ polycarbonate systems are ideal for industrial and tertiary architectural projects and are offered in a complete range of aluminum profiles and accessories for a quick, easy, cost effective and professional looking installation.