Apply now!

We are very excited to be advertising for more Graduates to join our DS Smith Paper division. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a global market leader in sustainable paper production.

 How to apply?


 Getting prepared…

 4 tips for a strong application:

  • Be as informed as you can. Our industry focus, global reach and culture are all important to us, so make sure you understand them.
  • Show us why you chose us. When you’ve got to grips with who we are and where we’re going, then make it clear why this has influenced your decision.
  • Make no mistakes. Ensure you understand each question before answering
  • Show us how you think. We look for curiosity, passion and a strong sense of values in our graduates, so take every opportunity to bring these out.

Ways to shine in your interview

  • Prepare thoroughly. As with your application, show your knowledge of our acquisitions, our strategy and our work. And say what it all means to you.
  • Know about us. Get to understand our practice and the areas we focus on. But make sure you know what these really mean – don’t just quote our website at us.
  • Speak up. Be ready to do most of the talking. After all, we will want to get to know you.
  • Question as well as answer. Think of some pertinent questions for the end of your interview we like enquiring minds and people who show a genuine interest in who we are and what we offer.
  • Be you. Above all, be who you are, not who you think we want you to be. We’ll want you to be yourself when you join, so your interview is a good place to start.