Supply Network

The key to a secure supply is our network of highly experienced professionals using the most modern administration and handling systems.

Network of mills

A closely-knit network connects mills and distribution centres, from most of which, Supply Chain Services can deliver to the customer within one or two days. We can deliver on the day and at a particular time suitable for you, even at night.

Pre-defined transport schedules can also be organised, allowing for the workload in your warehouse to be spread out and the lead time from the point of shipment to be reduced. As a result of the shorter lead time, the planned paper consumption at the corrugator may be used to determine the load composition.

Secure short lead times

Most of our products are produced in more than one mill and shipped through more than one point of shipment. This allows us to act quickly, dealing with urgent requests. We work closely with customers to assure supply with short lead times and to improve the common Supply Cycle, while reducing the impact of transport on the environment.