Reel Identification

Labels and advanced logistics software allow both shipper and receiver to track individual reels during their journey from paper machine to corrugator.

Most of our reel labels have the same, unique layout, which is compliant with the FEFCO guidelines.

Sufficient readability at all times

We use a high-quality printing technique, ensuring our labels boast sufficient readability at all times. The labels have large barcodes and can also have smaller peel-off barcodes that contain the information required to process our reels in your plant, whether you use handheld scanners or pen scanners.

Landscape A3 label

Reel label_A3 landscape

1. Product name 8. Paper web length
2. Basis weight (nominal)         9. Production date
3. Reel width 10. Peel-off labels 1: barcode 1
4. Mill name 11. Peel-off labels 2: barcode 2
5. Unwind direction 12. Barcode 2 + 1
6. Core inner diameter 13. Reel number 14 digits
    + reel diameter + topside 14. Special handling information
7. Reel weight                                              15. Other information


Portrait A4 label

1. Product name                                                        8. Reel weight
2. Reel number 10 digits 9. Paper web lenght
3. Basis weight (nominal) 10. Core inner diameter
4. Production date       + reel diameter + topside
5. Mill name 11. Unwind direction
6. Barcode Reel & Paper Data 12. Quality Control Reference
7. Reel width 13. Other information