Driving carbon reduction

We are reducing our carbon impact, year on year

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Carbon reduction continues to be an important part of our strategy and business practices.

NOW and Next

By 2030 we will reduce our CO2 emissions by 30% against a 2015 baseline


  • Integrate ISO 50001 into everyday operations at site level to drive behavioural and organisational change and compliance
  • Analyse data to understand performance and share best practice across sites
  • Deliver continual improvement in energy efficiency across our sites
  • Fuel switching e.g. Energy from Waste, Solar Photovoltaics


Cutting carbon by investing in our paper mills

Carbon Case Study.jpgClimate change continues to be one of the biggest global issues, second only to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. We are now building a state-of-the-art combined heat and power (CHP) facility at our Kemsley Paper Mill. The new plant will enable a carbon reduction of 36,000 tonnes per year. (Equivalent to 30,000 medium-sized cars driving over 6,000 miles a year.) Once commissioned in 2021, it will have an electrical capacity of c75MW, generating steam and power for our production processes. With 830kT of paper manufactured at Kemsley Paper Mill every year, it will further improve resource efficiencies and contribute to our commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030


Putting sustainability at the heart

We can make, use, collect and recycle cardboard packaging within 14 days. We are ambitious in using innovation to tackle some of the world’s most complex sustainability challenges.

Developing the right strategies

Our experts work closely with customers to understand their needs. Together we find ways to help take advantage of today’s opportunities to powerfully deliver products.