Ambassador of the brand: shipping packaging

In e-commerce the packaging plays a particularly important role. DS Smith cooperates with their customers to develop new packaging concepts that optimally meet the varied requirements, significantly reducing the complexity of the processes at the same time.

These innovative solutions contribute to the customers generating turnover and increasing potential for cost reduction along the e-commerce value chain. These developments also make sure that risks along the supply chain are minimised.

The most important function of transport packaging has always been the protection of the product. The goods must reach the consumer in perfect condition, while the packaging should be perfectly adapted to the product requirements and the specific way of transport. Insufficient protection and the product will be damaged. Too much, i.e. unnecessary protection, on the other hand, means a greater environmental impact, higher costs, and possible shopper annoyance towards the “over-packing”. With a tool that is unique in the industry, we make sure to determine the actual requirements of the packaging together with the customer and to develop the perfect transport packaging for the specific customer requirement. Close cooperation between the customer and DS Smith lays the groundwork for success.

The transport packaging fulfils much more than only logistics tasks. It has become an important communication tool between the brand/online retailer and the consumers. Increasingly the “first moment of truth”, i.e. the consumers’ first physical contact with the product, takes place when the parcel is delivered to their front door and no longer at the classic point of sale.

The brand promises are directly transported into the consumer’s living room. It is important that the consumer is reacts positively to the packaging, and that functions such as haptics or the “unpacking experience” contribute to fulfilling the brand promise of the product ordered. Only then will the customer order a second time. Unboxing videos are a good example that the shopper experiences the product and the packaging as a single unit.

Moreover, it is also important for shoppers that they can easily recycle or reuse the packaging material for other purposes, for example as storage boxes.

In case they do not like the ordered goods in the end, it is important that the package can be easily returned. Returning goods should be as convenient as possible for the shopper. For the online sender it is important that the packaging makes this possible and that it is again guaranteed that the product is perfectly protected and reaches its destination in the best possible condition.

Take two, make three - this becomes possible with the packaging concept called “Variable”. With two almost identical cardboard cuttings you can make three different packages, which vary in height, width and length, thus considerably reducing the complexity

Online commerce needs uncomplicated, well-structured processes. We have developed multiple solutions which ensure that with the fewest possible variants the maximum number of different products can be safely sent. The packaging must also be optimized for handling, i.e. it must be easy to put up, to fill and to close. This helps to save time and money. For this the entire supply cycle must be considered.