We interview Manuel Navarro from Ford Spain (Engines Division)

Manuel Navarro is managing for Ford Spain (Engines Division) the packaging and material handling department, working with suppliers that meet the quality standards of the multinational oval. And among packaging suppliers it has Tecnicarton services.

It is a professional with 26 years in the house, and has gone through several departments since finishing his training as an industrial engineer.

1. What is this Ford area dedicated to?

Here we manufacture engines as a division of Ford Engines Area / Transmissions. Here we manufacture high cylinder engines (2.0 and 2.3L) reduced place in the European market. These engines are models of vehicles like the Ford Ranger, Mondeo, Focus RS or the Galaxy, all high cylinder.

2. And how do you transport this engines, by parts, assembled?

Engines have four basic parts (4Cs: cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft and camshaft) are all produced here. Part of manufactured volume is assembled here and elsewhere is sent to USA (Cleveland Engine Plant).

3. How important is packaging in these transcontinental transport?

We ship engines to the United States, Taiwan, Australia and other European countries, and 4Cs to USA, so it should be a robust and resistant packaging.

4. At what areas is Tecnicarton your supplier?

Tecnicarton supply us plastic pallets and cardboard strips so engines and parts come more protected in the case of semi-durable packaging, with 4 or 5 uses.

In another area, we have been able to work with them in emergency packing  when we needed to ship with non-returnable packaging.

And of course the cardboard packaging for engines, which Tecnicarton developed for us to solve a need that we had.

5. Why have you selected Tecnicarton as a supplier?

In general they are very competitive and has a very professional behave. It is clear that the price is also important.

It is normal that a company like us, when you launch an RFQ has several suppliers and Tecnicartón is with us because it responds satisfactorily to many of our needs: they are competitive with the price, are nearby and can come to solve our problems immediately, and have an important team that develop ideas. On the other hand, the deadlines are really competitive.

6. It is important for you that these new ideas arise?

Yes, we like that Tecnicarton has a technical department that develops ideas, and that is agile. And at the same time, meet deadlines, and that even has the ability to forward, if we need to.