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Recycling and Waste Management in Manufacturing

Waste is a key environmental issue and a significant cost to manufacturing companies. That’s why it is important to have a recycling and waste management partner that you can rely on.

DS Smith has more than 40 years’ experience in working with manufacturing businesses across Europe, helping them to simplify their waste management processes and extract value from their recycling.

More than just a recycling and waste management company, we are a manufacturing company too. We are part of the DS Smith Group which is a leading manufacturer of sustainable packaging in Europe, supported by recycling and paper making operations. We produce over 2.8 million tonnes of paper and over 6 billion boxes annually.

Cardboard we collect is recycled and turned into new cardboard boxes to be used in our packaging manufacturing process, creating a real closed-loop recycling solution for our customers.

So, quite simply, we don’t see waste as waste, we see it as a resource.

Enhance your environmental standing

We’re passionate about ‘The Power of Less’, helping manufacturing businesses to attain the best value from their recycling by implementing solutions which deliver less waste, less cost, and less complexity.

Unlike some waste management companies, we don’t invest in disposal. That means we share the same goal as you – diverting as much waste as possible into recycling.

Why DS Smith?

Working with DS Smith means that your manufacturing business can enjoy:

  • Long term cost benefits
  • Compliance with environmental manufacturing targets
  • Timely, reliable and guaranteed collections
  • Dedicated account management

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