DS Smith Zero Waste

Zero Waste for Businesses

DS Smith helps businesses of all sizes to reduce their waste and to implement integrated recycling and waste management solutions, meeting their sustainability goals.

What is zero waste?

‘Zero waste’ is the idea that by making changes to the way we live, work, and use resources, we could eliminate all unnecessary waste from society. If products were designed to be reusable or recyclable, and all businesses and people had access to reliable recycling services, we could ensure that there is no waste produced, because every resource is being turned into something useful once more.

At DS Smith, zero waste means helping your business to reduce waste while implementing fully integrated recycling and waste management systems that send zero waste to landfill.

Achieve your zero waste goals with DS Smith

You can trust us to support you on your zero waste journey because we believe that any materials that can be recycled should not end up in incineration. Instead, we provide closed-loop recycling solutions that keep quality materials in use for as long as possible, ensuring resource efficiency and moving toward a circular economy. That’s how we’ve helped our customers to achieve their zero waste to landfill aspirations.

We believe in zero waste because what some businesses think of ‘waste’, such as the plastics, paper, and cardboard they send for recycling, are resources that can be made into something useful once more. As part of the DS Smith Group, we provide our Packaging and Paper Divisions with the quality raw materials they need for their production processes.

That’s why we’re one of Europe’s leading paper and cardboard recyclers, managing over 5.5 million tonnes of material for recycling every year. Our Kemsley Mill is the UK’s biggest paper recycling mill, and because we supply our own paper mills and packaging plants as well as a trusted network of partners around the world, we can virtually guarantee offtake of your recyclable material.

Join the zero waste movement

We can help to solve your zero waste challenges by examining how your business produces and handles waste. This is the first step in reducing waste, increasing recycling, and preventing potentially recyclable materials from being sent to landfill.

We then develop tailored recycling and waste management systems to capture the greatest possible quantity of high quality material for recycling, to make sure that material collected for recycling is actually recycled.

If your organisation wants to take steps toward zero waste, call +44 (0)2920 102048 or click below.