Mixed Dry Recycling

Mixed Dry Recycling

Our Mixed Dry Recycling service has been designed to make recycling in the workplace easier, providing a cost effective way to increase your recycling rates and divert your waste from landfill.

DS Smith believes in ‘The Power of Less’. We’re experts in helping you get the best value from your recycling by implementing services which provide less cost, less waste and less complexity.

Working with Materials You Can Recycle

Our perpetual devotion to achieving the highest possible quality in recycling means we actively promote the source segregation of materials wherever possible. However, we also understand that establishing processes to achieve this in businesses, with smaller volumes and limited space, can be a challenge.

That’s why our Mixed Dry Recycling Service allows you to segregate materials into different bags but only requires one bin for our collection. We’ll also identify the best way to collect these materials that’s convenient for you.

Our Mixed Dry Recycling service

Unlike other providers, we don't put all your recycling into one bag. This damages items like paper and can lead to it becoming contaminated and unrecyclable.

Our focus is on the highest possible recycling rates after collection and helping to spread the recycling message among staff. This is even more important following the introduction of new TEEP recycling laws.

New TEEP legislation is improving recycling standards

Current legislation which was introduced in January 2015 in England and Wales found within the Waste Framework Directive makes it a legal requirement for paper, plastic, metals and glass to be collected separately unless it is not technically, environmentally or economically practicable (TEEP) to do so. 

We view this legislation in a positive light as it underpins our drive to ensure waste producers and collectors work positively together to ensure quality material is collected for recycling. 

By providing different bags for cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and cans in small, convenient, internal recycling units, customers can still segregate for maximum recycling.

These bags then get placed into one larger bin that we collect with our network of recycling collection vehicles and then bale at our recycling facilities ready for reprocessing. To find out more about TEEP, please visit our blog on the subject

What can DS Smith do for you?

  • Offer you a  Materials Recycling Audit which shows the value of the resources you’re throwing away
  • Provide a service tailored to your specific requirements and waste volumes
  • Segregate your waste materials so you can get best value from them and reduce contamination
  • Take away the complexities of environmental compliance – and leave you free to run your business
  • Provide a timely and reliable service of collections which cost less and simplify your waste streams

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