General Waste

General Waste

At DS Smith our aim is to recycle and recover as many of your materials as possible. However, we also understand that your business may not be set up right now to achieve this.

That’s why we also offer a general waste – or residual waste as we call it – service for many of our customers. We can also help you set targets and support you on the journey to achieve significant reductions in your general waste.

Unlike other providers we don't invest in landfill as our aim is to turn 100% of the resources you send us into something useful once more. That’s why we deal with your general waste in an environmentally and economically sound way using a range of innovative landfill diverting processes including:

  • Mechanical Heat Treatment (MHT)
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT)
  • Energy From Waste (EFW)
  • Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

We choose our technology partners with great care, ensuring they have the appropriate licences and are registered with the necessary industry bodies. We visit all sites and ensure they are fit for purpose and with all technologies, we run an initial batch of materials to ascertain how they will be processed.

Achieving Zero Waste

As a business we work closely with our customers to reduce dependency on landfill and work towards achieving zero waste.

Using what we call ‘The Power of Less’ we help businesses get the best value from their recycling by implementing services which provide less cost, less waste and less complexity.

What can DS Smith do for you?

At DS Smith we offer a materials recycling audit to help you understand the true value of the resources that are currently being wasted. This audit will allow us to provide your business with a tailored service that matches your exact requirements and waste volumes, with your space and activities in mind.

We always aim to give our customers the best value, which we do by segregating your waste materials to prevent contamination.

Our collection service is timely, reliable and competitive, giving you a single point of contact for all your waste needs. As well as this our audit trail allows you to demonstrate compliance to regulations and meet your sustainability goals.

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