Quality is at the heart of everything we do at DS Smith and if we’re going to achieve sustainable recycling it has to be important to everyone.

More than just a recycling and waste management company, we are also part of the DS Smith group which is a leading manufacturer of packaging and paper in Europe. This makes us different to other companies in our sector, because if materials which we collect for our paper and packaging operations are contaminated it means that entire batches can be wasted.

So promoting and maximising recycling to reach the highest quality standards will continue to be central to our work.

Current legislation which was introduced in January 2015 in England and Wales found within the Waste Framework Directive makes it a legal requirement for paper, plastic, metals and glass to be collected separately unless it is not technically, environmentally or economically practicable (TEEP) to do so. 

We view this legislation in a positive light as it underpins our drive to ensure waste producers and collectors work positively together to ensure quality material is collected for recycling.

So what needs to happen?

How do we actually achieve higher, consistent quality in recycling? What practices do we need to implement to ensure we reach this and comply with regulations?

We’ve come up with four practical solutions which we believe are integral to reaching this goal:

  • source separation
  • more education
  • considering waste as a resource
  • greater transparency with clear distinctions between recycling rates and collection rates

Download our ‘Quality’ white paper below to find out more.