8 sides for round-trip Bulk Packaging that Saves on Costs, Labour and Reduces Environmental Impact

Octabin bulk containers with AkyPak® sleeve is perfect choice for transporting free flowing compounds and liquids.

The chemicals industry is globalising like never, new market entrants – from emerging countries and adjacent parts of the supply – are emerging with innovative business models, concepts, and processes. In turn, this drives incumbents to innovate but also to look at existing business models in search of new ways to maintain a competitive edge.

Built for the chemical industry

Dedicated to the chemical industry, Octabin bulk containers have been designed for free-flowing compounds and liquids. They offer a golden opportunity to help companies thrive in a hyper-competitive market. Its eco-friendly design will significantly reduce your shipping costs and your environmental impact – not to mention maximising marketing opportunities with beautiful printing on the pack.

Unparalleled strength for the return trip

Unlike other one-way packaging solutions, Octabin bulk containers made with polypropylene (PP) sleeves are waterproof and resistant to shocks and chemical products. The ingenious mix of a container reinforced with a steel frame and an octagonal dunnage gives the Octabin an outstanding level of strength and a capacity load of 1m3 of free-flowing compounds and liquids. Made from DS Smith Plastics’ famous AkyPak (PP) sleeves, the Octabin bulk container boasts an unbeatable strength to weight ratio and fearsome toughness.

Delivering the Circular Economy

As a returnable and reusable container, the benefits accrue each time the it is used. Optimising return costs are easy, and your environmental impact will be reduced – especially as the Octabin PP bulk container can be easily folded down so that it takes very little space on the return journey. And once it has come to the end of its long life the Octabin has been carefully designed to not only be recycled, but to be easily recycled thanks to an easy dismantling. Ensuring it will be reground and find a new life as a new product.

You can affirm your environmental commitment with the Octabin and learn more about how it can save your company time and money on our booth at FachPack.

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