DS Smith Plastics’ HOTBIN Composting Featured on UK TV Show “James Martin’s Saturday Morning”

The industry leading HOTBIN Composting bin accelerates the natural decomposition process of garden and food waste up to 32 times faster than other cold composting solutions.

The award-winning HOTBIN composter from DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products was featured on ITV’s popular weekend programme “James Martin’s Saturday Morning” on the 2nd March 2019. Broadcast from James Martin’s home the show features cooking, guests from the world of entertainment and recently, a regular gardening feature.

The gardening feature co-hosted by renowned Gardener David Domoney (ITV’s “Love Your Garden”) and James Martin saw the HOTBIN coveted as “the Ferrari of composters” alongside a number of other composting options including a wormery and a tumbler.

The HOTBIN Composting Bin is unique to domestic households using excellent thermal insulation properties within its design to allow for the composting of a wider variety of materials, including cooked food, weeds and small bones into compost in just 30-90 days.

DS Smith Plastics was delighted to see the importance of composting featured on such a popular weekend morning show emphasising the importance of recycling garden and food waste into compost for use in growing more crops and plants.

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