Expanded Polypropylene Moulded Foam is an Ideal Substitute to Materials Traditionally used to Manufacture Surgical Headrests

Headrests made of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) moulded foam provides stability and security for patients during surgery.

Absolute Products ―a medical device supply company― recently contacted DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products in the UK to manufacture their new Prone-Lite Helmet® surgical headrests base of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) moulded foam. The company was looking for a durable and lightweight material for the headrest base that could provide optimum comfort and security for patients undergoing surgery procedures. After contacting DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products business in the UK, they were convinced that EPP moulded foam was the best material for the job.

Since 1982, EPP moulded foam has been used by car manufacturers to improve passenger’s safety. Moulded EPP is a versatile material that can be shaped in any form. However, it is EPP’s other characteristics such as sturdiness, impact resistance and good elastic recovery that makes it the ideal material for a surgical headrest, as it keeps the patient’s head in the right position for a safe procedure.

After reviewing the customer’s requirements for their Prone-Lite Helmet headrest, DS Smith Plastics offered consultation on the design to procure an optimal form for the headrest base. The final product is fully adjustable based on patient height and type of procedure. 

Using EPP for the base of the headrest provides a sturdy solution for customers that ensures security for patients. The material also maintains hygienic standards necessary in the medical field. After each procedure, a cushion designed by Absolute Products is disposed of while the EPP headrest base only requires to be sanitized before it is reused for another surgery.

Components made of EPP moulded foam are a long-lasting solution and can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

For more information on the Pro-Lite Helmet visit the Absolut Patient Care website.

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