DS Smith Plastics’ Site in Hurbanovo, Slovakia Reduces Delivery Lead Times with In-House Dunnage Design and Fabrication

Having packaging and dunnage designer teams working together promotes creativity, product innovation and quality.

The packaging of components used on intralogistics transportation often require dunnage to support and protect the cargo during shipping and handling.

Having dunnage design and textile fabrication operations in-house working along with the returnable packaging designers, offers packaging providers the benefit of accelerating their manufacturing process through direct communication, efficiencies, flexibility and product improvements. All benefits are achievable, regardless of tight specifications and sharp detail requirements.

DS Smith Plastics understand the benefits of having a team of textile dunnage designers and its fabrication in-house and have invested in adding these capabilities to their site in Hurbanovo, Slovakia.

The new capabilities have already yielded satisfactory results, and the provider has been able to pass these efficiencies to their customers in the way of shorter lead times, improved quality and customer satisfaction.