Online Tire Distributor Makes Shipping Tires Easy, Safe and Cheap using Returnable Packaging

TyrePack, an online tire distributor, and DS Smith Plastics co-designed a collapsible returnable box to ship tires and wheels.

In order to make tire packaging easy and reduce packaging waste in one simple solution, DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products was contacted to help improve TyrePack, a reusable packaging system specially designed for shipping wheels and tires by parcel services. The new solution, based on a patent hold by TyrePack, drastically reduces packing time, single-use shipping material and waste.

TyrePack comes in different sizes to fit almost the entire scope of tire and wheel sizes for cars. When shipping a complete set of four tires, three boxes are loaded into the fourth one so that only one parcel containing the empty packaging is sent and returned.

The process of packing and unpacking merely takes about one minute per tire. Neither tape nor other extra packing material is needed.

TyrePack is made of AkyBoard® extruded polypropylene combined with collapsible textile side-walls and a belt inside to secure the tire or wheel during transport.

AkyBoard polypropylene plastic sheets are a great solution for a variety of products and markets due to its durability, lightweight, and customizability. TyrePack and DS Smith Plastics’ are providing an entirely innovative reusable packaging for online retailers and distributors.

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