DS Smith Plastics is Dedicated to Partnering with Companies Who are Focused on Sustainable Business Growth

Working with companies who value sustainability and greener solutions is a priority of DS Smith Plastics as they move towards the highest ethical standard possible.

DS Smith Plastics is committed to sustainable business growth both within the business and by working with suppliers that embrace similar ethics to their own. DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products based in Livingston, UK has been working with the haulage company Gilmour Brothers for well over a decade. However, with increasing pressure to cut carbon emissions, Gilmour Brothers has invested heavily in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) technology to power their vehicles.

With ever-increasing diesel prices and pressure to reduce emissions in line with governmental targets, the haulage sector has been looking for alternate fuels that will help address these two pressing concerns.

LNG-fuelled trucks are cheaper and much cleaner to run with lower carbon dioxide emissions and lower costs in comparison to diesel vehicles. The new LNG vehicles used by the Gilmour Brothers offer low fuel consumption, long maintenance intervals which are ideal for long-haulage routes which support DS Smith Plastics in providing sustainable delivery solutions for their customers.

Working with the Gilmour Brothers promotes DS Smith Plastics’ standards for their suppliers to share the same values and focus on highly ethical business practices. The use of more sustainable fuel for their trucks meets the standard of conducting business in a manner that respects and protects the environment. DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products is delighted with the business partnership spanning a decade and hopes to continue this for many years to come.