The Right Packaging Material Can be the Difference Between Successfully Shipping a Fragile Item or Receiving the Fragile Product in Pieces

Extruded polypropylene plastic provides the protection, durability and versatility required to successfully transport fragile products such as ceramics.

Ceramic products are delicate and costly; thus, they need effective protective packaging when they are being transported from one place to the next. Without the right packaging, ceramics could be damaged in transit or storage, and luckily DS Smith Plastics may have such a solution.

Fully customizable and easily assembled, the extruded polypropylene packaging for ceramic products is much more durable than traditional packaging. Furthermore, packaging made with extruded polypropylene plastic is weather-resistant and lightweight, making it the ideal packaging solution for the safe transportation and storage of ceramics and other extremely fragile products.

The polypropylene packaging solutions for transporting ceramics are easy to assemble on a factory floor after delivery and are compatible with packaging automatic assembling machines. These solutions are also easy to manipulate on the floor.

Extruded polypropylene packaging is versatile and customisable, thus it is easy to adapt the packaging to any project and different customer needs. The versatility in the material and design can provide a safe to transport packaging that can also be used to display the ceramics on a shelf.

Extruded polypropylene packaging can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

With more advantages such as mold resistance this polypropylene packaging solution is perfect for any ceramics project.

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