Validating Packaging Performance through Testing during Design and Production is the Ideal Solution to Balance Packaging Design, Required Protection and Optimisation of Total Logistics Costs

DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products can help its customers to find that balance in Protective Packaging Production and Design in our in-house laboratories at our Northampton, UK facility.

The packaging protecting your products is exposed to various types of stress during picking, storage and transportation. These conditions vary by type of product and corresponding supply chain. Testing these conditions during the design and production process of protective packaging helps ensure that each packaging standard based on specific needs is met.

At DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products we simulate several transit conditions by evaluating physical and mechanical handling in the distribution environment with a variety of samples. With all testing carried out in our Packaging Testing Centre the data is available immediately. 

The Design Department in Northampton offers customers the chance to see a variety of polypropylene and polystyrene samples to use for their projects as part of the design service. Customers may receive two to three of the available moulded foam samples to know what would work best for their needs in a series of product tests.

Multiple drop testing accommodates small to large products such as home appliances and computer equipment ensuring simulation of true freefall drops. Warehouse damage is dramatically reduced by our ability to recommend the correct foam material and density suitable for clamp truck and manual handling. Using a calibrated clamp truck for real life trials we measure pressure and deflection which is vital information required to design protection for the vulnerable side of products.

A transport simulator imitates the movement and vibration a product would be subjected to whilst being transported on a vehicle. This covers all road conditions and journey lengths. Finally, an incline plane simulates sudden stops of a vehicle.

Our computer controlled CNC machines have multiple tool change capabilities to produce high quality precision prototypes for fit and function. This together with our highly-experienced design team ensures we offer the optimum engineered solutions to meet and exceed customer’s needs.

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