New Rapak Bag-in-Box film and Tap Keep Fruit Juice Safe and Appetizing

Last month Rapak, part of DS Smith Plastics, launched its new Bag-in-Box solution for hot-fill juice comprised of a single layer film and tamper-evident VINIflowTM dispensing tap.

Unsurprisingly, as the demand of Bag-in-Box packaging for juice keeps booming, several manufacturers have followed Rapak’s footsteps and announced improved versions of their packaging to gain market share.

This article compares Rapak’s new solution with alternative Bag-in-Box options for juice and analyses what makes Rapak’s innovation different. Rapak’s new packaging is based on three key elements: 1) Robust bag structure, 2) improved product appearance, and 3) decreased contamination risks.

Robust bag structure to protect the liquid

When hot pasteurized juice is filled in a standard flexible bag, there is a risk that the film might shrink and crease. The new monolayer bag from Rapak−comprised of Nylon and EVOH−provides a higher barrier and a robust structure in one single ply as opposed to traditional twin-ply bags offered by other suppliers. The above innovation makes Rapak’s bag stronger and more resistant with excellent flex performance, thus protecting the juice during transit even in tough transportation conditions.

Improved juice appearance and preservation

Rapak’s monolayer bags guarantee that when consumers open the Bag-in-Box, they will always see the original colour and the appealing look of the juice.

When hot product enters the bag during filling, it can cause condensation and adhesions between the layers of traditional twin ply Bag-in-Box bags. This can affect the colour and look of juice. New offerings from other Bag-in-Box producers approach this issue by using film structures that increase temperature resistance of base films. However, previous experience shows that poor appearance problems can persist as different layers contract at different rates.

The new bag from Rapak has no layers to trap condensation or affect the appearance so when consumers open the Bag-in-Box, they will always see the original colour and the appealing look of juice. It makes this product ideal for small juice producers that might use bags without outer cartons for cost-saving reasons and to any Bag-in-Box customers that care about their brand image.

Decreased contamination risks

The combination of Rapak’s monolayer bag and VINIflowTM aseptic tap seal for fruit juice is a value-added feature for producers that use water to cool bags after a hot-fill, as it offers a closed nozzle area to prevent contamination and mould build-up.

VINIflow’s aseptic seal ensures hygienic filling and food safety combined with additional tamper evidence for end users. The tab seal also gives the potential for extended shelf-life as it offers an extra layer of barrier to micro contamination.

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