DS Smith Plastics Designs a Reusable and Recyclable Polypropylene Plastic Box to Transport Delicate Automotive Parts

DS Smith Plastics was contacted about their ability to create customized packaging solutions in the automotive sector.

The customer asked DS Smith Plastics to create a new polypropylene plastic box to protect during transit a large and delicate auto part, while also being reusable and returnable after every use and using maximum optimized space.

Made of Akylux® polypropylene sheets, the DS Smith Plastic box (Akybox®) has a horizontal opening as opposed to the normal top facing. This opening lets the large and delicate automotive part to slide in and out of the packaging box without hassle and permits access to add dividers without removing layers. The special Akybox polypropylene packaging contains an interior Tyvek based textile divider that guarantees maximum protection of the parts. The divider can be replaced if needed or reused together with the box.

The divider is made out of transparent, dustproof plastic grid-based PVC with a polypropylene reinforcement, permitting it to maintain its form and position. The use of the Akybox polypropylene packaging with the horizontal opening and the Tyvek interior divider grants maximum protection making it an ideal solution for transporting fragile and delicate parts to any location. The Akybox also comes with handles on three sides and a frame that permits stacking vertically if needed, making it easily manipulated by workers. When finished the Akybox is then returnable for another shipment of delicate parts. Furthermore, Akybox polypropylene packaging is recyclable at the end of its useful life.

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