European Fish Market is driving the demand for Polypropylene Boxes to Transport their Vacuum Packed Fish

DS Smith Plastics in Spain responds to the growing demand with durable and resistant customized polypropylene packaging solutions for transporting vacuum packed fish.

DS Smith Plastics in Alcala de Henares, Spain provides expertise in custom polypropylene packaging solutions for transporting food. The DS Smith Plastics designers offer many durable options and solutions to transport fish that is vacuum packed.

One of the solutions that DS Smith Plastics offers is customized polypropylene packaging boxes. Due to its properties, which include being lightweight, hygienic, and water resistant, polypropylene boxes allow the safe transport of high-value vacuum parceled fish, such as tuna. Vacuum packed fish is generally packaged at the supplier and sent to local markets where they are then shipped to restaurants. At the end of their useful life, polypropylene boxes can be recycled and manufactured into new products.

Some of the properties of polypropylene packaging include:

  • Water/Moisture resistant
  • Maintains durability in cold temperatures
  • Hygienic and fibre free
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • 100% recyclable
  • Smooth surface for printing and customizing for brand identity

Polypropylene packaging is easy to assemble. DS Smith Plastics offers a wide range of auto-assembling solutions. Depending on the design some models require assembly on DS Smith factory or they can be shipped flat and assembled on the customers´ assembly lines. In addition, Polypropylene packaging is sturdy for stacking and can offer extra functional and promotional value when branded with company logotypes and colours.

DS Smith Plastics’ polypropylene packaging also includes seafood trays and other customized solutions.