Akylux® Polypropylene Boxes are becoming the Preferred Choice to Transport Vegetables and Fruits

Advantages of polypropylene boxes include durability, lightweight, sustainability and versatility. They are stackable and fulfill the requirements of the supply chain, water/humidity resistant and 100% recyclable.

DS Smith Plastics is a leading manufacturer of Akylux® polypropylene boxes in Spain, where they are in demand for the transportation of fresh vegetables (especially asparagus and broccoli) and some fruits.

Different from other types of packaging used to store and transport vegetable and fruits, polypropylene boxes are durable and resistant, they can be put to low temperatures and even immersed in water. The durability also protects perishable products from the wear and tear associated with their supply chains. Furthermore, polypropylene plastics packaging ensures your product shows up on store shelves looking as good as new.

The Akylux Polypropylene sheets are produced in place in DS Smith Plastics factories and this material is easy to transform into different packaging. That´s why DS Smith provides unlimited design options and all packaging is custom-made, according to the customer’s needs. Some of the benefits of polypropylene boxes reside in their versatility, as they can be manufactured in limitless shapes and colours. They can have open handles for easy handling and be stackable which reduces costs associated with storage and transportation.  The lightness of plastic is also closely ties to its superior sustainability. Indeed, its comparatively low weight contributes to its lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions over other materials.

When selecting packaging to store and transport their products from farms to grocery retailers, producers take different factors in consideration. The top five factors include: durability to reduce wastage of product during transport and have them ready to display at the end of their journey; lightweight; sustainable; versatile and 100% recyclable.

Akylux polypropylene boxes offer all of the above five benefits. The combination of durability and lightweight protects the products while reducing product waste and transportation cost. They can be reused and they are recyclable at the end of their useful life.

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