Polypropylene Packaging is a Hygienic Packaging Solution for Transporting, Storing and Dispensing Medical Products

Qualicaps chooses a polypropylene packaging to transport, store and dispense capsules.

Polypropylene packaging is becoming a preferred packaging solution for the pharma industry for this application due to its properties and attributes. Polypropylene packaging is fibre free and non-pourous which prevents contamination. Furthermore, it is water and moisture resistant.

The Challenge

When Qualicaps approached DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products in Alcalá de Henares, Spain they were looking for a hygienic transport packaging solution to safely transport large bags of empty capsules in bulk between locations, and a smaller option that would transport smaller bags of capsules and serve as a dispenser.

Qualicaps contacted DS Smith Plastics, as they were looking for a polypropylene plastic packaging that met the strict regulatory standards of the industry. Polypropylene plastic packaging is becoming the preferred solution for the transportation of medical devices due to its properties and attributes including being sterilisable, fibre free, non-pourous, and water and moisture resistant. In addition, Qualicaps was interested in printing their brand on the boxes; and the smooth surface on polypropylene packaging allows for crisp and attractive printing.

Our Approach

After a briefing with Qualicaps, DS Smith Plastics-Spain presented a small and large sized packaging alternatives made of Akylux® polypropylene plastic material.  In addition to meeting hygienic standards set forth by the pharmaceutical industry and customer requirements, the proposed packaging is lightweight, resilient and can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

The Results

Qualicaps approved two proposed packaging solutions. The first solution is a large polypropylene box which meets Qualicaps product protection requirements and is customized with their logotype and corporate colours. This solution was designed to allow folding and has a special closing system that does not require the use of adhesives. This large box will transport empty capsules in bulk between Qualicaps’ locations.

The second and smaller in size packaging solution with Qualicaps logotype, will be used to transport and dispense samples. The packaging has an opening and closing dispensing fixture that allows the easy removal of samples.

As part of the negotiation, DS Smith Plastics in Spain will be collecting Qualicaps´ used packaging at the end of their usefull life, and will be recycling them into new products for a new life-cycle.

About Qualicaps

Qualicaps®, a Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Corporation Company (MCHC) and organized within the LSII division, aims to contribute to health on a worldwide scale through the manufacture and supply of two-piece capsules and related equipment, offering a portfolio of:

  • Pharmaceutical-grade capsules
  • Nutraceutical capsules
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

The Life Science Institute (LSII), which unites the healthcare businesses of MCHC, has the mission of offering the most advanced and high-quality solutions to contribute widely to people’s health, through all stakeholders, in an inspiring manner.

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC), which is a Japanese chemicals and healthcare company, is focused to achieve a KAITEKI society, based on the Group philosophy “Good Chemistry for Tomorrow”.

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