AkyPlac® Polypropylene Sheets Surface is Ideal to Achieve Durable and Highest Printing Definition of Large Format Signage such as Billboards, Banners, Wallpapers and more

Pinkplate Portugal SA, a leading commercial printing company, chose DS Smith Plastics’ AkyPlac as their preferred printing material for indoor and outdoor large format prints due to its durability, smooth surface and recyclability.

The Challenge:

When Pinkplate approached DS Smith Plastics in Alcalá de Henares, they were looking for a durable and high-quality printing and durable surface for large-format interior and exterior signage. They were most interested in a material that could deliver superior printing, withstand the toll of outdoor elements and was recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Our Approach:

DS Smith Plastics in Alcalá de Henares, Spain offered Pinkplate Portugal their AkyPlac polypropylene sheets as the ideal printing surface to deliver high definition on large-format signage. AkyPlac allows for two-sided printing and meets flexo, screen and digital printer specification and film lamination. AkyPlac polypropylene sheets are scratch, weather, chemical and oil resistant making this an optimal medium for exterior large-format signage such as Billboards, Banners, Wallpapers and more. Furthermore, AkyPlac is lightweight, making it easy to install and recyclable at the end of its useful life.

The Results:

Pinkplate chose AkyPlac polypropylene sheets for their durability and superb printing quality in large format signage and for display (POS) solutions. AkyPlac with Corona treatment enhances the quality, clarity and definition of the print.

About Pinkplate Portugal SA:

Pinkplate is one of the largest and most versatile Iberian commercial printing companies, offering a vast variety of large format printing and products. Pinkplate takes full advantage of a wide and modern set of technology and state of the art production equipment. Pinkplate capabilities include Digital, Screen, Offset and diverse Finishing effects, making it possible to service a vast and unique set of demanding markets.

Pinkplate is also a customer of DS Smith Packaging Portugal for their cardboard requirements for printing and displays.

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