Enjoy a Flavorful Cup of Iced Tea with Rapak Urn-liners™

Rapak’s patented Urn-liner technology and dispensing spigot provide safe quality, better tasting iced tea beverages for consumers as well as operational efficiencies for store operators.

DS Smith Plastics, Rapak’s Urn-liners were developed to address a recurring safety concern in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. Iced tea beverages served in metal tea urns, or decanters, had off flavors or tasted of sanitizer due to improper cleaning practices. Urn-liners solved that problem and today, hundreds of millions of cups of iced tea are safer because of Rapak’s Urn-liners.

An Urn-liner is a disposable liner that lines the inside of the beverage urn. The liner has a tube incorporated that feeds through the urn spigot that dispenses the tea. By using the Urn-liner system, the tea product is never in contact with the urn or spigot. With one Urn-liner each day, QSRs, dine-in restaurants and convenience stores can ensure their iced tea offerings are fresh and safe for consumers to drink. 

According to a Director of Restaurant Operations at a Top 10 QSR, “Urn-liners are the best beverage decision we made in the past 10 years. Tea sales are up and we have zero concerns with quality or contamination.” Store operators receive peace of mind due to the many advantages of Urn-liners such as:

  • Assurance that a quality-tasting product free from cross contaminants such as cleaning chemical residue, microbial contamination and metallic flavor transfer
  • Satisfied customers
  • Simplified operational procedures for employees with easier cleaning processes
  • Less damaged equipment from improper cleaning or dropped dispensers

Urn-liners are easy to install and use with a changeover process taking less than one minute compared to an estimated 15 minutes to properly disassemble, clean and reassemble an urn and spigot.