Textile Dunnage on Automated Crane Systems Provide Improvements in Material Handling and Reduces the Risk of Damaged Parts on Automotive Final Assembly Lines

The use of reusable textile dunnage on assembly line crane systems provide easy access of components to workers while protecting parts that are susceptible to damage due to dents or scratches.

Minimising the risk of transport-related damage of components throughout assembly line operations is high on the list of challenges of automotive manufacturers. To improve material handling efficiencies, most manufacturers have added robots and crane systems to move key components efficiently to their assembly lines.

It is in this area where DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products has been assisting car manufacturers with textile dunnage used in crane systems and returnable containers that protects susceptible components from being damaged in transit to final assembly lines.

Just recently, DS Smith Plastics assisted an automotive manufacturer by designing a four story high and collapsible textile dunnage for an E-tower crane system that would carry automotive components.

The design, consisting of four tiers of shelving units on top of each other, offered easy access to assemblers and required less trips or movements, as more parts were moved to a specific assembly station at one time. By being collapsible, as parts were used, the dunnage could collapse, providing assemblers with a second, third and fourth tier of parts, without having to move the tower or crane to dispatch more parts to the same assembly station.

In addition to reducing the risk of damaged parts and providing easy access, the new crane system provided improvements in safety to the operation.

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