Extruded Polypropylene Layer Pads an Economical Solution for Protecting Fragile Materials in Transit

Durability, lightweight and a flat-smooth surface make extruded polypropylene layer pads a reusable and economic alternative for the safe transportation of a wide range of fragile products.

There can be a lot of logistical issues when transporting products that are stacked in more than one layer and need both protection and separation with products such as glass, treated steel and much more. These products are mostly stacked in short vertical stacks for transportation, and have a high-risk of sliding from its original position and breaking or scratching its surface.

DS Smith Plastics’ extruded polypropylene layer pads are an economical option fit for the job. Used for a variety of markets including beverage, cosmetics, glass and steel, extruded polypropylene layer pads can keep layers of products in place without sliding.

In addition to protection and reduction of product waste layer pads are lighter than traditional dividers and able to reduce the costs related to logistics and transportation.

Extruded polypropylene layer pads are reusable with an average useful life of four years and are fully recyclable.  

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