AkyPak® Polypropylene Returnable Sleeve Packs and containers from DS Smith Plastics to be displayed at Pack Expo 2018 from 14-17 October

Lightweight, durability, reusability and Recyclability makes AkyPak® returnable packaging a superior system to traditional single-use packaging formats.

From a life cycle perspective, reusable packaging is characterized by lower environmental impact indicators than single-use packaging.

The AkyPak returnable transit packaging is a line of foldable sleeve pack containers that serves a variety of markets.

The solution was developed to reduce the number of traditional one-way receptacles.

AkyPak foldable containers consist of a polypropylene foldable sleeve and thermoformed pallet and lid. Since they are foldable, empty containers can be folded and stacked reducing cost associated with return logistics. Furthermore, AkyPak foldable containers are durable, lightweight, stackable and ergonomic

AkyPak returnable transit packaging offers a 100% recyclable, durable, lightweight and weather-resistant solution.

Thanks to its stacking capabilities, AkyPak returnable transit containers allow the fullest volume exploitation across operations, especially of truck cargo space and of load capacity utilization.

The AkyPak also requires less storage floor area during pre-transport staging and receipt.at destination.

Learn more about AkyPak reusable packaging and all of its benefits at DS Smith Plastics’ Pack Expo 2018 booth # N-5562 to be held October 14-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago.