Expanded Polypropylene Auto Components Reduce Weight of Automobiles

For years, the automotive industry has been concentrating on vehicle weight reduction to constantly improve fuel efficiencies and reductions on CO2 emissions.

During the past 20 years, DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products has been developing ―in close collaboration with prominent car manufacturing companies― light-weight and resilient auto components made out of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam. In addition to being lighter in weight, auto components made of EPP are sustainable and comply with end of life (ELV) automotive requirements. Today, DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products continue their work with automotive manufactures to further expand and improve their current portfolio of EPP auto-components solutions.

One of the most interesting qualities of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam, is that although they are extremely light in weight, this material is durable and resilient. Being so light weight, EPP is able to substantially reduce a vehicle’s mass weight whilst offering strength and shock absorbency which improves passenger and pedestrian safety. Furthermore, EPP is recyclable.

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DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products is a Tier 1 supplier of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) where they recently hosted an Automotive Cost Efficiency Event at their Gaydon, England site. JLR’s Gaydon site is one of the company’s principle engineering centres where designers and engineers from all areas of vehicle development are located. JLR Engineers were invited to attend with an opportunity to view and discuss the DS Smith Foam Product’s product offering.

One of the advantages of moulded EPP auto components is in the reduction of additional fixings and components that are connected to a specific part, as all can be part of the moulded component. This advantage added to the possible replacement of heavier material parts was of great interest to both graduates and experienced engineers. EPP components are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of automotive packaging and impact protection component.

In addition, DS Smith also offers polypropylene reusable transit packaging solutions for automotive including boxes, separators, returnable containers and a variety of polypropylene corrugated plastics solutions for suppliers of automotive and electronics spare parts.

This was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the DS Smith offering to the engineers of Jaguar Land Rover and to highlight the cost efficiencies our materials can offer — Gary Sheppard, DS Smith Automotive Sales Manager
JLR colleagues attended a Supplier event at the Heritage Motor Museum supported by DS Smith (EPP Converter) and JSP (Material supplier - ARPRO) to discover opportunities in light weighting and cost efficiency in their Engineering solutions with excellent examples across the Automotive and various other industries — Phil Jamieson, Product Integration Engineer, from JLR