Top Nissan Supplier, Calsonic Kansei, chooses AkyPak for its Automotive Supply Chain

Calsonic Kansei, Nissan’s top supplier, approached DS Smith Plastics’ Extruded Products in Alcalá de Henares, Spain for a packaging solution that meets their supply chain needs. DS Smith was able to win the project over four other competitors by providing an optimised material handling and transport solution capable of exceeding customer requirements and expectations.

The Challenge

 Calsonic Kansei needed a reusable and durable bulk-container that would seamlessly fit into their supply chain loop at Nissan’s assembly lines. The customer had been using bulk-containers that were not at par with their supply chain needs. The previous packaging was easily contaminated, could not stand a greater load and was a single-use packaging requiring continuous replenishment and associated costs. 

Our Approach

To meet Calsonic Kansai’s requirements, DS Smith Plastics’ proposed to incorporate two-level dividers and protective multi-materials to their AkyPak reusable and foldable bulk containers.

The Results

AkyPak is a highly durable and reusable foldable plastic bulk-container. The protective material incorporated into the container protects in-transit goods and can reduce damage to in-transit material down to zero. Furthermore, the two level dividers and foldability of AkyPak provides easy access to assembly lines, optimises load of products when full and cargo when they are returned empty. The above combinations provide Calsonic Kansei improvements in logistics and savings in transportation costs.

About Calsonic Kansei

Calsonic Kansei is a global automotive company inspired to be world leaders in innovation and sustainability. Calsonic Kansei Europe is a supplier of heat exchange, air conditioning, exhaust, interior and electronic automotive components. Headquartered in the UK, they have operations in Spain, Romania, Russia, France and Germany. Calsonic Kansei Europe is positioned to meet the key needs of our European customers.