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Rapak® develops an oxygen barrier active packaging system for Bag-in-Box Wines

Rapak, part of DS Smith, Plastics Division, has developed an oxygen scavenger active packaging system that significantly decreases the oxygen levels on wine bags, increases product shelf-life, and provides a premium customer experience.

One of the hottest trends in the beverage package world is the use of bag-in-box formats and the value it brings, especially with wine.  New and exciting active and intelligent systems that interact with the food product to extend its shelf life are trending and have great potential.  Thus, Rapak saw the need to develop an oxygen scavenger bag to complement their low oxygen transfer rate (OTR) Mustang wine tap.  This combination works together to provide a superior product shelf-life and a premium customer experience.

Rapak’s new wine bag is an ‘active packaging’ system comprised of the ShelfPlus® oxygen scavenger, Rapak ultra-high barrier custom designed 9 layer film, and Worldwide Dispenser’s ultra-high barrier Mustang wine tap. 

To test the new solution, Rapak partnered with Albis Plastic ―manufacturer of the ShelfPlus® O2 scavenger. The results ―collected from various rigorous tests conducted during a 12-month period on 1.5L bags― yielded exceptional results, and has piqued the interest of winemaker’s to use bag-in-box formats for higher-end wine varietals.  Rapak’s active packaging system achieved a 26 week shelf-life on white wine and a 32 week shelf-life on red wine, after the bag-in-box was opened.  Additionally, Rapak’s active packaging system achieved a 9 month shelf-life on unopened white wine and a 12 month shelf-life on unopened red wine in the 1.5L format. 

Rapak’s new oxygen scavenger wine bags are patent pending. They are available in 1.5L, 3L, 5L and custom sizes.

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About oxygen scavengers and active packaging systems:

One of the most effective methods of oxygen management in packaging and packaged products is the use of "active packaging”, or packaging materials that respond to changes in the surrounding environment. Rapak’s oxygen scavenging bags control the oxidation of the food product, which is paramount to ensuring the ultimate safety and stability of the packaged goods.